Natural Ingredients of UTI E Drops Making It Effective

The E-Drops are known to be very effective and natural UTI cure that are made of huge range of natural ingredients that contain antiseptic and antibacterial properties. All of the following ingredients in this natural cure for UTI have been concentrated and refined to their natural and purest form and combined well to provide best results.


It is the No.1 ingredient that makes UTI E Drops the best UTI treatment without antibiotics. A concentrated form of oil which is produced from juniper bush berries has been used as a safe antiseptic made by nature. It has been proven medicinal oil for thousands of years.


It is another popular anti-fungal and antiseptic treatment which has been used widely in all types of OTC pharmaceuticals.


It is actually a concentrate which is extracted from Eucalyptus tree leaves and it has been used in various cosmetics for over a decade. It smells really nice and it works as a strong antiseptic.

All the ingredients mentioned above are blended with self-emulsifying system. Though it sounds cool, it really means that these ingredients can easily and quickly been absorbed. This way, you can take small doses and get all the effective benefits. It is very simple to use UTI E-Drops and it can be possible almost everywhere.